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Simone Dunford formed DUNFORD CLASSIC & SPORTS CARS in 1990

Dunford has been making and restoring Jaguars and other rare cars for the past 29 years.

Simone Dunford established DUNFORD CLASSIC & SPORTS CARS in 1990. After the sale of the first Jaguar E-Type Low Drag Coupe, built by the company in their spare time, they quickly became a much more specialised operation based entirely on their commitment to the finest quality Jaguar cars.

Dunford has been making and has been associated with restoring original D’type Jaguars for the past 29 years – having seen most of the original cars and supplied parts for the rest!

Few cars ignite the enthusiasm more than Jaguar’s sports racing cars of the 1950s & 1960s. Even fewer cars have been so significant in the evolution of the racing car. To many car enthusiasts, they are possibly the ultimate sports racing cars, and to Jaguar enthusiasts they certainly are. Their style is still entrancing, their international successes unquestioned, their performance sensational and their charisma intense – they are a thrilling motor car.

If you are looking for the ultimate d-Type we can make an identical copy of the original car right down to the 6 Pot Dunlop brake callipers and the 45 DCO3 sand-cast Webers. This car is FIA eligible and able to race against Jaguars original 1950’s D’types.


Our C’type replica is second to none, as with our D’Types these are available in 2 models, the replica which is MKII Jaguar based. The original copy is XK120 or MKVII-M based; this is the most accurate on the market today, with torsion bar suspension, correct brakes and sand-cast 40 DCO3 Webers this car is FIA eligible to race against original factory cars.Please view our C’type web pages for parts and cars.

With all this knowledge gained we decided to build a replica in 1990, based on E’type running gear it is the closest to the original available on the market today. All the body is made to the original car so it would take an expert to spot the difference. These are available in component form or to a complete driving car, colour and trim of your choice – long nose or short nose.

You guys do a great job. The D Type was driven to the test, and as you can imagine, turned heads all the way there from admirers the whole distance.

Jonathan Collins

D-Type, Customer

Like so many things, trying to find a high quality component has been difficult, especially for a C’type Jaguar. So to find craftsmen like this has been fantastic!

Simon Fulligar

C-Type, Customer